too soon
without a moment's notice
the monsoon was coming in

With nods to influences Fleetwood Mac, Metric, Fiona Apple and The White Stripes,

the band creates a fresh sound that warrants attention.

Too Soon Monsoon’s debut full length record is a concept album, heavily influenced by the South Saskatchewan River running through their veins in Saskatoon. The record carries the listener on a journey of healing while the band discovers a deeper understanding of interconnectedness through love, loss, nature, art and spirit. 

"Too Soon Monsoon...delivers a whirlwind of pop sensibilities that yearn for a deeper insight into the meaning of existence. On the band’s debut album, this Saskatoon three-piece aims to expand consciousness and gain deeper, internal knowledge while not succumbing to the pretentiousness usually found in metaphysical pop music. TSM have created a record that dares the listener to consider what existence truly means, while never failing to deliver on a catchy pop hook or danceable beat. Waves: We Provide What We Absorb, We Absorb What We Provide, is an album for a party that’s thrown to celebrate the end of existence." 
Cups n Cakes Network 

The band is currently beginning to work on their follow-up record to 2019's full-length album - with new music to be released soon, but not too soon.  TSM had an exciting 2019, with the highlight being the release of their first full-length album: Waves: we provide what we absorb, we absorb what we provide on May 3, 2019.  The album was produced and mixed by Adam Grant: The Ghost of Adam J Productions (former bass player of One Bad Son) and mastered by Trevor Case: Case Mastering (Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott). Both Adam and Trevor worked on TSM’s 2017 EPs. The full-length album went on to be named the #9 Saskatchewan Album of 2019 by SaskMusic and a fan vote.


Listen to the band's full-length album: Waves: We Provide What We Absorb, We Absorb What We Provide  here

Being a band that consists of an Indigenous drummer and a non-Indigenous vocalist, TSM is living their artistic goal: to bring people closer together and to recognize oneness through music. The band values the freedom that they have as independent artists and want to use their privilege to create safe experiences, promote inclusion and celebrate the power of being true to yourself. The band strives to have anyone who comes to their shows or who listens to their music (especially youth) to feel validated, to feel heard and to feel supported to be themselves. Through their own experiences, Too Soon Monsoon encourages others to feel comfortable expressing love (or pain, or any other emotions), to be open and accepting of changes, to grow, to promote peace as opposed to conflict and to explore & be in awe of the wonders of life.

"If someone listens to our music or watches one of our performances and gains confidence and support to know that it is okay to wear a wild costume, to express emotions, to get up on stage and dance & sing & drum & talk about love & nature & sadness, and not be embarrassed or fearful of what someone ‘cooler’ may say - then we know that our music and our art has been successful." - Greg

TSM have performed at JUNOFest, Breakout West, Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival, Winterruption, Big Winter Classic and opened for PVRIS, Mo Kenney, Busty and the Bass and Scenic Route to Alaska. TSM first performed the new album from front-to-back during a special sold-out 'album-preview' performance show at Winterruption 2019 in Saskatoon on January 26. This performance was also their debut performance as a three piece, with Declan Hills joining the band on guitar for the majority of 2019. 


Too Soon Monsoon initially formed as a duo near the end of 2016 after Greg (vocals/keys) had posted a 'bandmate wanted' ad online to which Nathan (drums) was quick to respond. As a duo, TSM released 2 EPs in the second half of 2017 (Little Fire and Side Effects). After recording the Waves album for the majority of 2018 as a duo, the band explored 2019 in a new form with Declan, embracing a new energy and live-sound. Too Soon Monsoon started 2020 with three exciting festival slots: JUNOfest (Saskatoon), Big Winter Classic (Calgary) and Winterruption (Edmonton). The spring of 2020 finds TSM releasing a new EP: Stop The Cycle of Conflict featuring a remix to Cycle of Conflict feat. Eekwol and an acoustic guitar version of album closer, Energy in Motion. 

After spending a good chunk of 2017 and 2018 in the studio, the band took most of 2019 off from writing to promote the new album. The new album spent 15 weeks on community radio charts across Canada, including reaching #3 on CFCR and #90 overall nationally in May 2019.  2017 EP Side Effects was included in the best EPs of 2017 by Cups n Cakes (#8) and spent four weeks in the CFCR Weekly Top Ten (peak #4).  The band has released multiple music videos for: "Point of It All", "Stay Golden", "Mountains of Blue", "Ocean" from Waves,  "Know Myself" and "Faded" from Side Effects as well as visuals for "Balance", "We'll Live Forever", and "Wandering" from Little Fire. TSM has performed multiple times on CTV Morning Live, interviewed by CBC Saskatoon and CFCR and filmed performances for Stripped Down Live SK (Shaw), Original 16 Brewery Sessions and the Empty Room Series. Expect new sounds soon from Too Soon Monsoon, just not too soon. 

The fall 2018 Western Canadian tour and Waves: We Provide What We Absorb, We Absorb What We Provide are both made possible with support from Creative Saskatchewan's Tour Support and Sound Recording Grant Programs.  


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